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No notes for slide. Reflective Essay Course 1. Eduardo E. Throughout the semester variousprofessors came and gave us workshops.

ASL Reflection for End of Semester Paper

Each workshop was about different topics. These workshops gave us the opportunity to apply the lessons and techniqueslearned and work various assignments. As students who plan to do research in andoff the island we got the opportunity to have a research experience for a little periodof time.

We were assigned with mentors, which each of them had different topics,and conducted our own research. Also we had the opportunity to attend differentseminars, which enrich our knowledge in the given field of study. During the course of the semester as I attended the seminars I got to learn about thetopics of cancer, pulmonary hypertension, polymer drugs and tRNA levels, andneuroscience. The experience of writing summaries of each seminar not only helpedme in my grammar and composition but also the scientific terms.

A speaker in one ofthe seminars spoke about possible solutions of treatment for skin cancer by usinganti-cancer activities of recombinant disintegrins based on research done in his lab. The workshops consisted on brief introductions to the topic and later application ofwhat learned in the introduction. I also got the opportunity to not only learn newtechniques but also improve in the techniques already learned in previoussemesters.

Some of these techniques were, PCR, electrophoresis, columnchromatography, and others. Throughout the course ofthe semester I also got the opportunity to have research experience with a mentorwho was assigned by the professor. As final task in the semester I got the opportunity to have my own researchexperience with a partner and mentor. These experiences open my mind as astudent and also showed me the environment in which a researcher works in.

Thisresearch experience also showed me the time you have to dedicate to get the bestresults. In overall this opportunity showed me the importance of investigation. All of these experiences, seminars and workshops helped me be a better student,especially in the scientific area. Uniting these activities gives me the necessaryinstruments to be able to do research in and off the island. More ever the values,commitment, and hard work are shown in our tasks as students. These values in my point of view are the mostimportant because this will not only help me in the lab but also in personal andacademic life.

End of Semester Reflection Paper - 1 Reflection Paper 1...

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End of Semester Self Reflection Paper by Terrence Freeney | Storytelling

Nearly all students said they enjoyed arguing for or against the use of self-driving cars. Students crave — and deserve — choice. Their favorite assignment from the semester, even more than the argumentative essay, was the original short story. To that end, we need to trust students. A number of students asked for more time to read and write poems, while others enjoyed writing stories based on their own lives. Volume matters.


Writing is not about meeting a certain word count or number of paragraphs. A number of students said they enjoyed writing letters to the authors of books they read this semester. Main takeaway: students need opportunities to write for real audiences — not just their teacher. Targeted grammar instruction that students can apply to their writing is still important.

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