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Indonesians are a very private race. They like to eat sitting down and regard eating on the move to be very rude. They like to communicate by eye contact and dislike people talking to them with sunglasses on. Culture diversity is actually the quality of different or diverse cultures.

This is opposed to mono-culture or cultural decay. A great example of culture diversity is Hawaii. Before Hawaii was conquered Europeans, the Hawaiian culture only existed. Since then, Hawaii has changed and been westernized. The Hawaiian culture has been replaced with American culture. Cultural diversity is divided into two: primary and secondary. Primary diversity includes factors such as age, race and physical abilities. Secondary dimensions include factors such as family status, first language and religion among others.

In the work place there are three main categories that cultural diversity is classified into, organizational, external, and internal.

Introduction of Cultural Diversity

Organizational dimension is the functional level. Buddhism Buddhism is the philosophy of a man that lived about years ago, not that of a deity. Budda's teachings are not set in stone, nor is it the only advice in this world. Buddhist's are encouraged to think freely and challenge everything that they hear or read.

Buddhist's also believe in afterlives which are determined by this life. Other forms of religion believe in a stone set of rules and have a designated deity that is the figure head for their religion. Christianity as a. Over the years diversity has become a broader topic, new characteristics being. Introduction Diversity is defined as variety; especially the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization, according to Merriam Webster.

Our society and more significantly, our classrooms are filled with a diverse group of people. This project provided opportunities to consider the many different ways that people are diverse and then a chance to gain some insight into one of those groups. While I chose bi-racial couples, it gave me an opportunity to see some of the challenges.

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Cultural diversity as an issue wasn't even on the radar of most private school communities until the s. To be sure, there were exceptions, but for the most part diversity was not at the top of the list of priorities back then. Now you can see genuine progress in this area. The best evidence that progress has been made is that diversity in all its forms is now on the list of other issues and challenges facing most private schools.

In other words it is no longer a detached issue requiring resolution. The franchising program has ensured an increasing number of employee workforces that McDonald has a statutory responsibility to oversee their management. Pat Harris found it necessary to propose an initiative within the Human Resource Department that is defined by a cultural information network Hauser, This essay will describe Religion, Political, and Socio-economic status.

The different religion beliefs. Also the different political parties that affect society. Along with the socio-economic status of people today.

Essay About Cultural Diversity

I hope by the end of this essay people will understand the diversity we live in. Religion beliefs with different religions in the world. This essay will discuss a range of strategies early childhood educators can use to support children and their families from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and how they can be implemented with an early childhood education setting. Culture could be defined as everything one does on a day to day basis, from languages one may speak, clothes they wear, food they.

For me diversity means much more like a race and a place that full of different ethnicity or mixing culture. Diversity mostly happens in the school, especially during the college years. People all across the globe wants to go to a good university try to pursue their education. When it comes to the school with multiple cultural, people have a better chance to understand.

C1 Manager as a Communicator Introduction Human capital is the foundation of all organizations, thus it is extremely important for them to manage their talent. In order to gain a competitive edge it is necessary for all organizations to make full use of its human resources by adopting teamwork, proper recruiting, training and development of people to diverse roles. If I have learned anything, it is to look more closely at the situations at hand; because not everything is as it seems.

In week 2 we discussed diversity. Cultural diversity is having a heart and a mind that acknowledges, accepts, values and even celebrates the various ways that people live and interact in the world Diversity Affairs, In my own life it could be applied to not judge my co-workers harshly before every meeting them. The newness and differences of people can be. It has also made me a stronger person having gone through it and made and swayed me in the direction to helping others. Cultural Diversity in My Eyes Everyone you initially meet in life has a first impression.

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The Allure of Cultural Diversity Culture is seen from many as the characteristics of a certain group of people mostly defined by their language, religion, food, music, art etc.. I see it though as traditions, an environment that creates a safe haven for an individual, connection within a group past a superficial level. Diversity means variety, the differences between one another. When you bring the two together, that is where things really get interesting.

It is here where humans become unique. Managing cultural, ethnic, and gender differences in the work place Healthcare is a never ending and changing environment. With the new procedures, technology. When I graduated from nursing school at 25 after a bad relationship I weighed lbs. I had gained weight anxiety, depression and social isolation took over my life. I never really. Parenting in moderation: Family routine moderates the relation between school disengagement and delinquent behaviors among African American adolescents. The presence of stress for Chinese Americans relating to acculturation may also be a factor in developing depression.

Cultural values regarding. Every group or team leader must be aware of the demographic characteristics and the cultural diversity of the team in order to become effective.

Importance of Understanding Culture Diversity in the Workplace Free Essays -

Groups and Teams There are many factors that affect a team's performance; from leadership and communication, to demographic characteristics and cultural diversity. Each impacts the team in its own way. Despite extraordinary corporate and media attention paid to diversity in the past thirty years, discrimination, inequality, and exclusion persist in organizations Bell, , p. As discussed this week in class, when the department head turned down the Jamaican friend for the position, even though he seemed better qualified, it showed stereotyping and prejudices can have a negative effect in the workplace.

The situation made for an uncomfortable, even negative environment in the workplace. In every culture there are unique thought processes and behaviors and these cultural differences have a strong impact on workplace interaction and communication.

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Working in and learning in environments with people who are different can benefit individuals through intellectual engagement, perspective taking, and greater understanding of the implications and benefits of diversity Bell, , p. In the healthcare industry, employers benefit by hiring a diverse workforce. Hospitals have come to appreciate that by hiring staff from different cultural, ethnical, and gender backgrounds, it brings a great deal of valued thoughts and insight when it applies to patient care.

Essay on Cultural Diversity | Essay

Nursing care must become more culturally, ethnically, and gender diverse in order for the nursing unit to reflect the diversity of the population it treats. The ball and sock experiment really showed me how it feels to be different. I felt awkward and uncomfortable, I struggled with daily tasks that I normally accomplished without having to even think about, for example, brushing my teeth, shaving my legs, inserting the keys into the ignition of my car, shifting the gears of my car to just name a few. By the end of the day I could perform these tasks more easily but I still had to use more focus and effort.

The ball and sock experiment opened my eyes to how it must feel to be outside of what society considers to be the norm and gave me a new appreciation for how these differences help shape our society. In conclusion, it is very important to understand the need for cultural, ethnical, and gender differences by professionals and management in the workforce in this day and age.