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The Laya Royal Highlander Festival, held in October, includes events like yak judging, wrestling matches, pony races, native dancing and a contest for best mastiff dog. Tourists heading to the highland festival face a mile kilometre roundtrip trek from 6, feet 1, metres to more than 12, feet 3, m in altitude mostly on rocky, precipitous trails also used by donkeys laden with propane tanks, tents and other supplies. Rain can turn those trails into a slippery mess of mud and poop. The challenging route didn't stop the king from trekking up in a few hours last October.

Nor did it stop a woman in native dress — handwoven duri skirt , top and shamu la, a golden crownlike hat — from marching up in red pumps.

Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index | OPHI

Most tourists, though, take two days with constant pauses to catch their breath. The payoff: breathtaking views of the Himalayas above and roaring glacier-fed rivers below. One festival highlight is the nyagay, or strongman race strong woman, too.

Six women in yak-wool skirts dragged massive planks of wood halfway across a field, then dropped the planks and heaved pound 23 kilogram grain sacks onto the backs of their male partners. The women then climbed on the men's backs, and the men retrieved the wood, then raced back to the starting line. All this in four minutes at an altitude of nearly 13, feet nearly 4, m.

Yak-wool tents, impervious to the damp, ringed the festival field and provided protected seating. Booths offered instruction on sustainable products and practices, from animal husbandry "use only inferior mares for mule production" to the benefits of Bhutanese honey bees here are healthy because there are few insecticides.

Gross National Happiness - Bhutan

Ubiquitous Bhutanese dogs, unflappable and friendly, curled up on the field like commas and snoozed. The Merak nomads wore their signature black beanies, which have dreadlock-like braids that divert raindrops away from the face.

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Vendors sold yak bells, yak wool hats and purses, yak cheese wrapped in leather smelling like a good parmigiano and vials of the pricey fungus, cordyceps, said to be powerfully healing. A tent decorated with gold swag and a thronelike chair was designated for the king. But he spent most of his time greeting guests warmly and without pomp.

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  • In the area of health, it envisions a person to have over 26 healthy days a month, have high self-reported health, and not suffer from serious deprivations because of disabilities. The Gross National Happiness survey of 7, people asked them to rate their subjective well-being on a scale of 0— The national average was 6. In Bhutan, the policy of Gross National Happiness has created new norms of official decision making and new institutions, and has helped the country strike a balance between modernity and tradition.

    Gross National Happiness has helped guide public discussions and the formulation of policies and laws in the country.

    In Bhutan, gross national happiness more important than GDP

    A major success of the policy is that Bhutan has remained a reasonably equitable and sustainable society where the proportion of happy people is high despite a relative low level of per capita income. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Print.

    Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative

    Happiness as Government Policy in Bhutan.