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Written by Alain de Botton as his first novel in such a beautifully poetic manner, Essays in Love documents a passionate and tender relationship between a man and a woman, which happened coincidentally and ends inevitably. The characterisation of the speaker depicts him as a clearly highly intelligent and profound man, whose analytical thinking allows us directly into his mind and how well he can breakdown and evaluate love.

As the chapters progress, so too does the relationship, which starts off awkward but grows and grows into a strong adoration for one another. What really makes it so special, however, is the way the story is told in such detail and depth. It can, at times, be quite challenging to grasp due to the scope of language used, but this generally makes the book so much more sophisticated.

Whether you are falling in, have fallen or have fallen out of love, Essays in Love will explain all the complexities, unanswered questions, underlying feelings and strange sensations love seems to entail. This book is a treasure, one which is highly underrated, and I am left blown away by its beauty. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Book Reviews Books. You might also like More from author. Book Reviews. The fight scenes are funny in a "oh yeah, I've been there" kinda way. How does this one compare? It was my first James Wilby book and I enjoyed his reading very much. Who was the most memorable character of Essays in Love and why?

I guess it was the main male character because he's so introspective to the point of absurdity but also insightful. What did you love best about Essays in Love? The story is engaging.

Essays In Love

There are really good points made, great references, and de Botton analyzes the nuances of falling in and out of love with the perspective and depth of someone who's lived a thousand lives. The narrator's voice is very attractive. Great voice. Very warm and theatrical not in an exaggerated way at the same time. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? It was so hard to even go to sleep. I had my Audible on sleep timer several times but didn't want to miss anything to grogginess.

So I would relisten the same parts the next day. This book is so wise.

Alain de Botton - Literature

Any additional comments? Definitely listen to this. Profound yet clear novel for the experienced or ignorant lad, when it comes to love relationships. Hence you can apply the majority of the given situations on ANY type of interpersonal relationships. Top-read for the enthusiast on Love and it's philosophy of everyday. Good book with lots of insights, especially when you realise de Botton was 23 when he wrote it.

Great narrator. Also recommend The Course of Love, which he wrote 2 decades later and is quite an amazing book. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? I was excited to listen to this, but couldn't finish after the first long-drawn out personal story that afforded no new insights.

Would you ever listen to anything by Alain de Botton again? I'm not sure. Love de Botton.

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This one is similar to A Course of love. That was a beautiful book. This one does not compare.

Essays in Love // Alain de Botton

The narrator's voice was sublime, as always. The story in itself was mundane, much unlike the author's take on love and his stunning talent in analyzing every psychological aspect of its every stages.

Customer Reviews

Simply could not put this book down. There are so few stories, love stories fewer still, that capture real life so well. The book itself is a beautiful mix of philosophical topics with narrative that makes for such an enlightening and enjoyable listening experience. Very well performed, I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a realistic love story. Thoughtful, compelling story that reads like an anatomy textbook on love. Can't wait for the sequel. I really like Alain de Botton, and really wanted to love this book but unfortunately the narrative pales in comparison to his philosophical digressions.

Having said that, it did make me see my past relationships in a new light. The narrator was very good, although his female voice could be better. Alain de Botton meticulously dissects that bizarre and complex creature: the Love Affair. He takes every emotion felt, and every action taken, and - through the magnifying glass of philosophy - analyses the whole process of falling in love. The narrator is somewhat neurotic but in a necessary and likeable way, and I was with him through all of his trials.

A wonderful book - brilliantly narrated, too - that is going to stay with me for a long time.

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A beautifully written piece, combining philosophy, psychology, observation and a captivating story absolutely seamlessly, and with such humour and sadness it is unputdownable. The narrator is a skilled storyteller, whose sensitivity to the subject permeates his voice. This book would be perfect for anyone who is single, starting a relationship, in a loving relationship, and in a relationship in trouble who needs some loving guidance and reflection.

I started listening after watching many School of Life videos on YouTube, finding them fascinating and comforting, and thought this book might help me heal from my break-up from a beloved of 6 years, the wounds of which are only a month old. I got up to a certain point in the story, and suddenly all the pain and grief are just as fresh and overpowering as they were 4 weeks ago when we finally realised, both of us, for the first time, that it was really over.

As a consequence I've had a crappy weekend, and feel like I've taken 15 steps back in recovering from this heartbreak. If I'd waited a few months, when the pain isn't so raw, it would have been immensely healing, but I listened too soon. I'll probably come back to hear the last few chapters in a few months, but for now I just wanted to add a "trigger warning" to this otherwise wonderful book. If your heart is breaking, wait a while.

Sending love to all who read this that know the pain I'm feeling right now.

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  • It wasn't what I expected, but it was a brilliant balance between being a novel and a psychological analysis of feelings of love. Some of it was useful and some parts are funny but generally could not connect or relate with the posh narration. In fairness I can see others might enjoy tho.

    I have definitely learnt and understood a lot about the psychological and social mechanisms behind situations in which I have recognised myself and others. A simple love story analysed based on different philosophical schools. James Wilby's performance brought it to life and gave it the vigour that stops you from pausing this book. Got too bored of both Mr DB's books on love.