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  1. Key Stage 4
  2. AQA GCSE in Physics – Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC
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They learn about the basic principles of Physics through a mix of theoretical and practical studies. Learners also develop an understanding of the scientific skills essential for further study at Cambridge International A Level, skills which are useful in everyday life.

Key Stage 4

As they progress, learners gain an understanding of how science is studied and practised, and become aware that the results of scientific research can have both good and bad effects on individuals, communities and the environment. June is the final examination series in which syllabus will be included in UK performance tables. Find out more about Resource Plus, a collection of additional teaching and learning resources which have recently been launched to support the delivery of key topics and skills in Cambridge IGCSE Physics.

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From examination this syllabus will no longer be regulated by the qualifications and examinations regulators in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Changes to the syllabus and specimen papers reflect the change in regulated status. This syllabus will continue to be available worldwide.

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AQA GCSE in Physics – Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC

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Buxton Mountain Rescue Team

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