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Let us help you write a flawless application essay today that will convince admissions committees of your worth. Start browsing our rated and reviewed professionals and see if you can find the perfect editor for your application essay.

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Show More. A History of Results Projects. Our Clients Can Vouch For Our Services "Once again, my editor went the extra mile for me and produced an excellent, well edited document. Really made me think of things that I hadn't considered.

Grad School Application Essay Services

Thank you SO much!!! Well done. As a professor, this will help me get my paper published.

Great work. Average Rating 4.

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What makes a great application essay editor? Your source for professional essay editing We have received countless ratings and reviews from clients just like you, proving that ServiceScape is a leading name in the world of application essay editing. If affordability is an issue, you can easily find editors who offer the highest quality work for the lowest possible price. Most comprehensive - we'll guide you from topic brainstorm through finished essay One brainstorm session and two rounds of critique Two phone conversations with your editor 14 days of email support from your editor 2 week turnaround time dependent on receiving customer questionnaire.


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The former involves basic edits while the latter is more thorough. A friend with an English major can proofread your essay for free.

Copy editing is an art; always demand a service to copy edit your paper. Be clear on what you will be given before you commit your money.

Are essay editing services worth it?

One of our clients got into the prestigious Columbia University and wrote back saying, "I got into Columbia with a full scholarship, and your help was appreciated! If you were a girl, I'd ask you out! Make sure your essay editor has a history of wins and happy clients.

You want to be one of them. Please email us if you have any questions about essay editing. Home Essay Editing Service. Strong correlation between good writing, high GPAs, and career opportunities Undergraduate students who can present their thoughts in a clear and succinct way achieve higher GPAs.