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The results section is usually for the straightforward reporting of findings, and analysis of the meanings of those findings is often saved for the discussion section. The discussion is where researchers discuss the meaning of their results.

If they listed specific research questions in the introduction, the discussion should report the answers to those questions, or explain why they were unable to answer those questions. Researchers usually discuss the wider importance of their results are, comparing them to relevant evidence from existing research. Researchers often make suggestions about how future research could build on their findings and how relevant groups for example doctors might put their evidence to use.

In the discussion section, researchers should discuss what, if anything, was unexpected about the findings, and discuss any limitations of the methods that the reader should be aware of.

Best health research papers

Sometimes the discussion section is followed by a short conclusion section, but often the conclusions are part of the discussion section. At the end of the paper is the references section, which lists details of the research papers, books, reports and other sources that have been cited in the study, so that readers can find those sources to read for themselves.

Once you understand how research papers are structured, it is easier to find the information that you are interested in. For example, if you have seen a headline about a new treatment that might be relevant to you, but you are curious about how similar the people in the study are to you, you can find the paper and read about the sampling strategy in the methods section. External sources Other sources Pre-appraised research Critical appraisal tools.

Useful information Sampling methods Replicability Confounders Asking the right questions Are some types of evidence better than others? Populations and samples Correlation and causation Scientific uncertainty How to read a scientific paper How science media stories work Mixed methods research Common sources of bias Evidence-based medicine, practice and policy.

This initiative develops system-wide approaches in clinical care, information services, and access and efficiency.

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The development and implementation of effective preventive services in clinical practice is an important issue. While healthcare, in and of itself, is predominantly viewed as the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal states of human functioning, preventive healthcare contributes to eliminating or, at the very least, delaying such conditions. Assessing the needs of a healthcare facility for preventive care programs is necessary through the review of patient records and determining which elements of preventive care have been managed appropriately.

Once a facility determines the need for a more vigorous approach to preventive care services, the proper steps to achieving a successful program must be followed. In order to implement preventive care, clear guidelines for intervention and proper staff training are necessary. A policy of preventive care should be developed that is specific to the facilities practice and patient needs. Universal Health Care - However, they all share the goal of improving the general health outcomes of the entire nation. Ethics in Health Care - In today's litigious society, ethics in health care is a very relevant topic to produce a research paper on for any health care or pre-med course.

Healthcare Financing - Healthcare Financing research papers discuss what approach a student should take on when researching healthcare financing.

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Health Care Economics - Health Care Economics research papers analyze the increasing costs of health care as new technologies are introduced. Health Care Delivery System - Health Care Delivery System research papers discuss modern nomenclature for any organization of institutions, people and resources that deliver health care to a given population.

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Health Care Industry - Health Care Industry Research Papers explore an example of an order of a research paper on the health care industry with focus on the global segment, competitive forces, and alliances. Diversity Healthcare - Diversity Healthcare research papers discuss how healthcare professionals should approach diversity in healthcare. Health Care Reform - Health Care Reform research papers discuss term used to describe changing health policy in a given country, specifically in the United States. Healthcare Information Systems - This research paper on healthcare information systems look into the computer- based systems that have become increasingly critical to hospital settings.

Affordable Health Care Act - Affordable Health Care Act research papers examine the legislation, passed by Congress in , to increase the availability of health insurance and access to the health care system for millions of American citizens.

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Remaking Healthcare in America - Remaking Healthcare in America Research Papers examines the last two decades of the United States and the healthcare changes that have taken place. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see here.

Best health research papers - ICOPH

Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. In addition to providing you with experience in writing arguments, our writers will also help with your topic in the following areas: Generating a thesis Developing a focus for your research Listing reasons why the argument is significant and interesting Finding sources Paper Masters will offer you an excellent sample research paper and show you exactly how you can examine healthcare and propose a better system. About the Proposal for Improve the Healthcare Research Paper: Your proposal should accomplish the following elements: Outline your thesis Purpose and audience of your Research-Based Argument Discuss your preliminary research and thoughts on which a rhetorical analysis might be useful to you-- for example, which lines of arguments will you use and why?

Specific criteria for the proposal are listed below-- it is advised that you address ALL of the listed criteria in your proposal. Developing the proposal involves three steps: Gathering preliminary research on improving healthcare. Review your research. She works on social relationships, alcohol use and mental health from childhood to late adulthood as well as cross-national examinations of mental health.

Citation Impact 2. Skip to main content Advertisement. Search all BMC articles Search. Vaping epidemic a major threat to public health Flickr: Sarah Johnson. The FDA is taking action to stop what is being called a vaping epidemic. Read More. Section Editor Highlights Take a look at the highlighted papers as chosen by the journal's Section Editors.

Operations Research for Health Care

Call for Papers for two new sections! Flickr: Rod Waddington. Featured article: Income inequality and mass shootings in the United States Counties with growing levels of income inequality are more likely to experience mass shootings, suggesting that income inequality fosters an environment of anger and resentment that ultimately leads to violence.

Flickr: Bryan. Featured article: How many cigarettes are there in a bottle of wine? What makes health systems resilient against infectious disease outbreaks and natural hazards?

Results from a scoping review Authors: Jennifer B. Most recent articles RSS View all articles. Malnutrition among children under the age of five in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC : does geographic location matter?