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The mother is a real example of sincerity, love, loyalty and patience. Her love and patience has no parallel in this world.

It is quite true to say that without mothers the world would have been a place with no progress and development. Good mothers are the pillars of a nation. It is an open secret that behind all the successful people today, there is a great role of their mothers and other women. Mother is the symbol of patience, persistence and hard work.

She endures the pains of child in with her till the day when a child is born.

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There is no example anywhere in the world for her love and sacrifices for her child. She is always concerned about the safety, well being and goodness of her children.

She serves her family selflessly. I love my mother very much. She wakes up early in the morning to make all of us ready for our tasks. She prepares our breakfast and fills our lunch boxes with sweet and delicious dishes.

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She helps us in getting us ready quickly for our schools. She serves my father and all family members very well. She is like our best friend and stand for our rights and wishes. She has given many sacrifices to makes us happy and pleased. On all important decisions, she helps my father very well. She is very sincere and very wise. During our vacations our we all family members go on visiting the countryside. There is a great role of my mother in taking care for all our needs. In fact, my mother understands it very well about our wishes and our needs like a best friend.

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My mother is great pride. She is our paradise. She always inspires us and motivates us for doing something good and something great in our life. I am great impressed by the personality and good manners of my mother. My mother is my everything.

10 Lines on My Mother

I always pray for her health and her long life. Your email address will not be published. It just so happens that it was true. I caught her in a lie and there was nothing that she could do about it but just sit there and look dumb.

Essay About My Mother And Her Role In My Life

My mother also tells me what to do if a girl is acting a certain way and if she thinks it will work if I get in a relationship with the girl and why. Another reason why my mother is my favorite person is because she is very blunt. She says what she means and means what she says. She will always tell you how she truly feels and give her opinion about something if you ask her. If you ask her how she thinks something looks like an outfit you have on or Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

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