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Some institutions are forever in a race to spend more to improve facilities , faculty and cadre of students , and most families are in a race to get the best education possible. Brewer et all, The college also needs to retain faculty and to do so the college needs to pay them salaries that keep up with the cost of inflation. Colleges are also seen to maintain the high cost research departments which are white elephants but necessary to attract the best minds and faculty.

The government is also responsible for increasing tuition costs. Unlike business houses the college cannot just close down or relocate, it has to operate in all circumstances and yet meet all expectations. That they should look at substitution rather than expansion. However the attitude is like any other , when there is huge demand why change or compromise especially since there are always students willing to pay. Faced with increasing college expenses , the public has a hard choice to make and a difficult task in balancing their budgets.

This results in the government getting the short end of the stick as they are blamed for inflation, rising costs and cuts in grants. Students are increasingly found to work part time along with their college education in order to meet the rising expenses. There is also seen an increase in the number of hours that a student puts into work.

This means work is eating into study time and hence impacts the knowledge gain and hence performance. The education becomes equivalent to a degree on paper. Hence another angle to look at is that rising tuition may get the enrollments the college needs but impacts the output from the students in the long run. Colleges need to organize themselves better if they are to exist for the goal of education for one and all. There needs to be brought in an accountability mechanism whereby the college management is answerable for expenditures and hence rising tuitions.

Works Cited Dominic J. Brewer, Eric R. Corporate Training Universities Have Become. In developing the institution of higher learning for the future, the administration will have to consider the new technologies that can be adopted, the consequences of doing so, ways in which those technologies can be used both on and off campus, and the way education should be organized to accomplish the tasks needed for the future.

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This will require rethinking the way the institution is currently structured: eengineering in education is about developing a delivery process which is coherent and progressive in scope in order to maximize the learning experiences of students. Since reengineering focuses on coherent processes, not structures, it negates the perpetuation of typical educational structures, such as departments in high schools, and focuses more on sequential, progressive learning through the rearrangement of the curriculum and instruction…… [Read More].

Opportunities and Threats The University. Universities are often ranked by the strength or weakness of their graduate programs and the quality of original research the university is able to provide in certain fields of study. Furthermore, in addition to offering traditional graduate programs, the University offers an opportunity for those holding bachelors degrees to earn graduate certificates through work experience.

This opportunity will be appealing to those students seeking post-graduate education but who need to work rather than being full-time graduate students.

College Tuition Essay Examples

The University's outside business partnerships also offer benefits to students. Most universities have outside business partnerships, such as vendor relationships with on-campus providers. However, the University goes beyond traditional vendor-relationships. It actively cultivates a wide variety of partnerships with businesses, which increases its access to research opportunities. Furthermore, these established relationships with corporations help increase internship programs and also promote the hiring of graduates.

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  • The influx of corporate money to the school helps…… [Read More]. Online College vs. Traditional College When considering the ever-changing and ever-growing world of globalization and technology, it is no surprise that such trends have found their way into the educational arena.

    Argument paper on the issue of rising college tuition Essay Example | Graduateway

    Accordingly, with the computerization of classrooms and assignments many more worldly citizens have been given access to the valuable education they deserve. Regardless of the subject they teach, almost all teaching professionals have also had to become more educated in the world of technology. For, in addition to the computerization of assignments, technology has found its way into several other aspects of the overall higher education experience.

    In the modern collegiate world things like applications, grades, transcripts, library resources, textbooks and even exams have all been incorporated into the lives of students and faculty members.

    In keeping with this advancement of technological integration, countless universities have begun to offer online classes and degree programs, whereby students never enter a…… [Read More]. For-Profit Colleges. Profit Colleges "hy do you think they are called for-profit colleges:" The big business of not educating students 'You need a college degree. Few adults have the ability to afford a traditional four-year school and balance the needs of home and work.

    Online, for-profit colleges or nighttime schools may seem the ideal solution. On the surface,…… [Read More]. Learning Styles and College Students. Community Colleges in America In and , a dozen major reports on the United States' schools were published. All stressed the need for "excellence" in education. The reports pertaining to higher education were published by The BusinessHigher Education Forum, and saw higher education as "unable to train skilled managers and technicians that they believed industry needed.

    The intuitive grasp of problems and…… [Read More]. Penn Tax Memo Tuition Tax. In addition, the estimation of seventy-seven thousand individuals that would be able to receive an additional refund from the tax credit suggests that it could actually cost the state a substantial amount of money to operate this program. These students would not only pay no taxes, but would actually receive money from the state -- a minimally employed student that owed no income tax to begin with could actually receive a refund of eight hundred dollars forty percent of two-thousand or more.

    Clearly, there would be a major impact o the overall state budget from the cost of this program. Though a billion dollars doesn't go as far as it used to, it is still a substantial portion of the state's total sixty-three billion dollar budget POB, Though the money saved or sent out to individual taxpayers through this tax credit would most likely be used to make purchases…… [Read More]. Skyrocketing Tuition Costs at the Highest Levels.

    In a system where public education is the bedrock of society, it is the responsibility of the public to maintain a viable financial policy. While citizens give regularly to the schools in their districts through taxes, enrollment, and requisite civic engagement, the businesses to which they matriculate and from which they find economic support are not free of responsibility.

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    Instead, they are tethered to the concerns of America's youth; it is from the children of today that they will see profitability in the international market tomorrow. As financial problems come to define the ability of educational institutions to provide services, the access and ideology of foundational support demands examination to meet the growing market needs.

    Because the education system…… [Read More]. For millions of Americans, community colleges have an enormous advantage over four-year colleges and universities -- but what are those advantages? This paper will examine those and other issues relating to the community college vs. Community Colleges and Universities - Comparisons There are an estimated 2, four-year colleges and universities in the United States, according to data in U.

    There are an estimated 1, community colleges in the U. As well. Of those, about 1, are public community colleges, and the remainder are funded through private channels American Community Colleges. The original intent of a community college in the past they were called "junior colleges" but that title had a slightly un-dignified sound…… [Read More].

    Research on the Benefits of a College Degree. Benefits Obtaining a College Degree ecently, students have been paying huge amounts of money to attend a college but earned less upon graduation Arai, Such trends have caused many observers to question if a college degree is a worthwhile investment. To be precise, college students endure the following expenses: supplies such as textbooks, tuition fees, food, and room and board among others. Supplies, tuition fees and books are the direct costs of education, but board and room are indirect costs as they are incurred to sustain a subsistence level of education.

    Besides the above, opportunity cost is one of the most important costs as these students forgo earnings while in school.

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    In addition to the above costs that students endure, a college education is also associated with…… [Read More]. Marketing Plan for College University. This states that the university is a "public, regional, comprehensive institution committed to providing access and offering high-quality undergraduate education, select post-baccalaureate and graduate programs, and a variety of educational and cultural resources for its students, alumni, and citizens of southeastern Pennsylvania. Indeed, its history goes back to , when the West Chester cademy was founded, operating up to , when the University took over.

    Its status is also an important strength. Indeed, the university was included in the State System of Higher Education, in , which provided additional funding and a distinct opportunity to develop new degree programs. In terms of weaknesses, the fact that the college is only regionally recognized as an educational entity of importance does…… [Read More]. Return on College Quality IT's. Previous literature cited by Dale, and Krueger , 1 includes work by "Hunt , Solnion , ales , Solmon and achtel , and ise , Brewer and Ehrenberg , Behrman et al.

    A difficulty interpreting past estimates a many estimates of the effect of college quality on students' subsequent…… [Read More]. Role in College According to. Miscommunication between the genders results not simply in wasted time during the workday, but hurt feelings and serious consequences. Miscommunication between the genders can cause a casual remark to be taken as sexual harassment, or a serious remark being laughed off as a joke.

    If a man feels that he is apt to be accused of sexual harassment, he might be unwilling to befriend a female coworker in an innocent manner, and a woman might be afraid to seem friendly less her manner be misinterpreted in a sexual manner by her male colleague. The result of this state of mutual tension is a less friendly and productive working environment. If a woman feels threatened and feels as if her male colleagues cannot take her seriously, she may leave the organization, or sense that her professional efforts are being hampered by her gender, and a male might feel as if he…… [Read More].

    Apollo Group Inc - University. Potential for denial of service attacks. Section 4.